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Trimedic Healthcare Centre is a Traditional Chinese Medicine centre which established in 2017. Our team are all qualified Chinese Physician and registered under Malaysian Chinese Medical Association(MCMA).


The objective of Trimedic Healthcare Centre is to provide product and services with  highest quality and affordable. All our physician regularly attend courses, workshops and seminar to update their skills. so you can be assured that only fully trained physician, with latest expertise will undertake your treatment.

Our chinese medicine practitioners  are registered under the Ministry of Health (Traditional Medicine). We have the qualifications for medical practice and Annual Practicing Certificate (APC). There are currently three Chinese medicine practitioners who graduated from China and one Chinese physician professor (by appointment). 




善德中医坊的中医师都在马来西亚卫生部Ministry of Health(MOH)传统医药法令下合格注册,拥有行医资格和行医证书Annual Practicing Certificate(APC)。善德中医坊现有三位毕业于中国的中医师和一位中国医师教授(特约门诊)。