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【4/4/24 8TV八度空间】为什么清明易生病? 黄德国医师

清明节(04/04/24 周四),善德中医坊(怡观园)黄德国医师在八度空间 【活力加油站】的直播放送节目当中与两位帅哥美女主持 Jan (秦雯彬) & Oscar(杜文杰)过了一个充满活力的下午,分享 “为什么清明节容易生病”的课题及聊聊中医知识,还介绍了一道 “养肝补气汤”!


Hi everyone! On 4th April 2024 at 2PM, Phy. Ng from TCM Trimedic Healthcare Centre (Taman Equine) was on live broadcast of 8TV‘s LIVING DELIGHT, he had a pleasant afternoon talk with lovely emcees - Jan and Oscar. Phy. Ng shared some information regarding Qing Ming related disease prevention, also shared a herbal soup recipe for this season!

Youtube video link:


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