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【6/2/24 8TV活力加油站】新春甜品 陈霖泰医师

善德中医坊 陈霖泰中医师 06/02/2024 (星期二)在 八度空间 #活力加油站 和大家分享“新春甜品-干货”。

错过的朋友可以到 或者Youtube 8TV 八度空间Channel 重温哦!

Our TCM Practitioner Tan Ling Thye was invited to speak on the show 8TV #livingdelight on 06/02/2024 (Tuesday). He shared about "Chinese New Year Sweet Treats - Dried Goods" from TCM Perspective.

You may log in to or Youtube 8TV Channel to

re-watch the show!


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