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✘ 枕头不合适

✘ 低头玩手机

✘ 空调直吹颈椎

✘ 不正规按摩






(1) 热敷


(2) 护颈枕


(3) 多运动


(4) 日常习惯


Hey there, feeling a pain in the neck? Let me unveil the mysteries of neck discomfort and see if you're a partner in crime with your cervical spine!

Wondering how to ease neck pain? Ladies, cervical issues can be a real headache, so pay attention! Do you recognize any of these bad habits in yourself?

✘ Inappropriate pillow

✘ Constantly looking down at your phone

✘ Direct exposure of your neck to air conditioning

✘ Irregular massage practices

Keep in mind, these incorrect postures and bad habits are all accomplices to the notorious neck pain! When it comes to sleeping, having a pillow that's too high can throw off the normal curvature of your neck, resulting in shoulder and neck pain, numbness in the hands, dizziness, and the occasional unwelcome surprise – falling pillows.

Massage techniques are also crucial. When there's inflammation in the neck, haphazard massages might exacerbate the inflammation, intensifying the pain. Improper force and technique during a massage can lead to neck injuries, and in severe cases, it may result in cervical damage.

Air conditioning, the so-called 'gentle' helper, can wreak havoc. Prolonged exposure to cold air conditioning can deplete the body's qi and blood, making the soft tissues around your neck susceptible to disorders, causing muscle spasms, and back pain. It's a tearful situation.

For those in the 'looking down' club, prolonged periods of looking down while working, studying, or using your phone can be the cheerleader for neck issues. It not only harms the neck and shoulder muscles but also damages ligaments, leading to a hunched back, headaches, and dizziness.

How to ease neck pain? Grab your cheat sheet:

(1) Hot Compress

Apply a warm towel or hot water for a passionate neck hot compress, once a day. It's not just about your neck; it warms the heart too.

(2) Neck Pillow

Pick a suitable neck pillow; round-shaped ones are the best. Don't overthink it, go for the Dreamland round neck pillow. It even has a heating function, so no worries about your neck catching a cold in the middle of the night.

(3) Exercise More

Play badminton, tennis, or practice yoga – exercise can improve cervical issues, relieving pain. Just half an hour to an hour each day, and you're on your way to a flexible spine.

(4) Daily Habits

Avoid prolonged desk work, stop looking down at your phone for too long, and, in your free time, adjust your spine posture. Keep that neck moving to let the shoulder and neck muscles relax. Say no to staying up late, go to bed early, eat a light diet, keep your neck warm – these are the secrets to a rebellious-neck-free life!


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