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照顾好您的肠道健康,谨慎选择食物,保持口气清新! #消化健康 #口臭 #健康饮食 #健康生活

 Do you have any of these signs when it comes to bad breath and digestive issues? Check how many apply to you:

 Morning Breath: Bad breath is most noticeable in the morning or after a long period without eating.

 Drooling: Excessive saliva.

 Bitter Taste: Thick white tongue coating, often accompanied by excessive moisture.

 Foul Gas: Strong-smelling flatulence, possibly due to constipation or irregular bowel movements.

 Acidic Stomach: Frequent sensations of heat, heartburn, and bloating in the stomach.

Bad Breath - It's All About Your Gut Health!

Why is it related to poor digestion?

 Incomplete Digestion: Undigested food in your gut can ferment, producing gas that escapes either through burping or flatulence.

 H. Pylori Infection: This bacterium can release sulfur-containing gases, causing bad breath and damaging the stomach lining, weakening digestion.

 Gastroesophageal Reflux: According to ancient wisdom, belching and the smell of decaying food are symptoms of excess heat in the stomach. Consuming spicy, greasy foods can exacerbate this heat and contribute to bad breath.

Recommendations for Bad Breath Sufferers

 Jasmine Flower: A fragrant plant that helps stabilize emotions, relieve nervous tension, and combat bad breath.

 Tangerine Peel: Drinking tangerine peel-infused water promotes digestion, removes dampness, and detoxifies.

 Licorice Root: Clears heat, detoxifies, and moistens dryness, effectively combatting bad breath and alleviating dry mouth.

 Barley: Clears heat, eliminates mouth odors, and serves as a natural breath freshener.

Foods to Consume in Moderation

 High Sugar Foods: Excessive sugar consumption can lead to ammonia gas production, a source of bad breath.

 Processed Foods: Takeout meals often contain numerous additives that can harm your health and worsen bad breath.

 Spicy Foods: Spicy foods can induce excessive heat, leading to stomach discomfort, bacterial overgrowth, and worsening breath odor.

 Greasy Foods: These can burden a weak digestive system, potentially causing indigestion, abdominal pain, and bad breath.

Take care of your gut and make mindful food choices to keep your breath fresh!  #DigestiveHealth #BadBreath #HealthyEating #Wellness


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