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 Don't Mistake "Clearing Out" for "Falling Ill"

In the realm of traditional Chinese medicine, our bodies are the real MVPs. Sometimes, they decide to throw a massive "clean-up party," using various methods to sweep out the internal junk.

When you notice a surge in symptoms or new players like fever, intensified pain, or upgraded coughing join the scene, don't panic. This might just be your body's VIP guests—chill, dampness, blockages, they're all making an appearance in this grand "clearing out" operation.

It's like your body is hosting a spectacular party, with symptoms as the stars on stage. The wilder their performance, the more your body is elegantly tidying up.

Fear not, this isn't an "illness." It's your body's innate cleaning system working diligently, renovating its internal environment. When you feel that post-clear-out relief from vomiting or diarrhea, it's like the bliss of sleeping in on a weekend!

But sometimes, we mistake these flashy clearing-out symptoms for a rebellion in our bodies, hastily deploying the "army of medications" to suppress them. It's akin to mistaking mischievous party elves for troublemakers, disrupting the entire festive atmosphere.

Remember, these clearing-out performances are meant to make your body healthier. So, if your body is throwing this clean-up party, don't end it prematurely, and certainly don't rush to suppress it with medication. Keep the communication lines open with your treating doctor, allowing the body's cleaning crew to complete their mission smoothly.

Embrace the clearing-out process with ease, and joyfully welcome your body's grand sweep!


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