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“风为百病之长”,温柔的春风吻上了我的脸,你会心情愉快;邪恶的春风侵袭人体,则会致病。风邪是导致多种疾病的发生的重要因素,可夹杂热、湿、寒邪等引起身体各种疾病。 弱不禁风的朋友,就会在这种时候特别容易生病。


  • 不要贪凉 - 做好保暖

  • 注意饮食 - 忌食生冷,引起脾胃功能失调,影响人体正气;少食燥热之品

  • 保持心情愉悦 - 调畅气机,柔肝养血、平息内风

Wind considered the backbone of many disease.

The most virulent of the climatic forces that provoke disharmony in the human body is Wind. Wind can combine with other evil such as Cold, Dampness, Heat and cause discomfort. For those who are vulnerable, this is when the External Wind penetrates the body and cause sick.

Avoid Evil Wind

  • Keep Warm - Layer clothes when you need to

  • Always take care of what you eat - avoid cold & uncooked food, reduce intake of heaty food

  • Always be in good mood - Avoiding internal wind (Agitation of Liver-Qi)


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