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怕热的时候: 灼热难耐,手脚心仿佛要燃烧,尤其是深夜,睡眠成了一场“火烧云”表演,你得把手脚晾在外头才能消停。

全身干燥: 口中如吹过沙漠,皮肤像没涂护肤品一样干巴巴,头发也跟着失去了光泽。

睡眠不给力: 晚上躺下,却像是躺在了火堆上,入睡无望,半夜醒来还得继续和床单亲密接触。


通宵达旦: 熬夜不是你的朋友,给点休息时间,好吗?

咖啡狂: 咖啡是温暖的,可对阴虚火旺的人来说是火上浇油,小心啊!

酒友聚会: 酒会让虚火更猖狂,适可而止吧。

火辣食物: 炸炸炸,辣辣辣,火锅、烧烤,少吃点吧,身体需要清淡。

性感时刻: 控制点频率,别频繁熬夜,阴液可是宝贵的。

性热和温燥之物: 避免食用狗肉、羊肉、韭菜、芥菜、荔枝、龙眼、榴莲、芒果、八角、花椒、肉桂等食物,也不要沉迷高脂肪、高热量的食品。

要改善阴虚火旺,可不是简单地降火,小心越调越虚!要滋阴哦,吃点桑葚、百合、黄精、桑叶、银耳、山药等。  保持冷静、平和,多喝水哦! #平衡养生 #清凉滋阴 #健康生活 #火力全开 

 Hey folks, listen up! Having Yin deficiency and excessive internal heat is no joke! Feeling too hot, dry all over, and sleep-deprived? Your body might be sending a serious SOS!

Heat Phobia: Roasting alive with unbearable warmth, and your hands and feet acting like they're on fire. Sleeping becomes a fiery ordeal, and you have to hang your limbs out to find some peace.

Overall Dryness: Mouth as parched as a desert, skin feeling like it hasn't seen moisturizer in ages, and hair losing its shine.

Sleep Troubles: Lying down at night feels like lying on a bonfire, with no hope of falling asleep. You end up having an intimate encounter with your bedsheets in the wee hours.

These are signs of Yin deficiency and excessive internal heat! Don't blame your body for being unreasonable; it might just be your lifestyle habits causing trouble:

All-Nighter Habits: Burning the midnight oil is not your friend. Your body needs some downtime, alright?

Coffee Addiction: While coffee may warm your soul, for those with Yin deficiency and excessive internal heat, it's like pouring gasoline on the fire. Be cautious!

Boozy Nights: Alcohol parties make the internal fire dance wildly. Enjoy, but not too much!

Spicy Foods: Fried, spicy, hotpot, BBQ – tone it down a bit. Your body craves simplicity.

Passionate Moments: Control the frequency, especially the late-night escapades. Your precious Yin deserves a break.

Hot and Warm Foods: Avoid foods like dog meat, lamb, leeks, mustard, lychee, longan, durian, mango, star anise, Sichuan peppercorns, cinnamon, and stay away from fatty, high-calorie foods.

Improving Yin deficiency and excessive internal heat isn't about simply reducing the fire; careful not to make it worse! Nurture Yin with foods like mulberries, lilies, American ginseng, mulberry leaves, tremella, and Chinese yam.  Stay cool, stay balanced, and drink plenty of water! #HarmonyInHealth #CoolingYin #HealthyLiving #FullThrottle 


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