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"Nine Toxic in Body" - "九毒"

Our bodies operate in a cyclic manner each day, as according to traditional Chinese medicine. Providing the body with nutrients and energy while dispelling waste is a natural way to keep it healthy. However, when the waste failed to be discharged, it will turn into toxins and will threaten our health.

Mr. Go Pei Heng, Chinese Physician of Trimedic Healthcare Centre, was invited to share the "Nine Toxin in the Body" at # Living Delight of NTV7, He shared about first four toxin, namely water retention, uremia, perspiration poisoning and phlegm poisoning on 8/9/2017. Mr Go had also talked about the respective symptoms and herbal treatment for them in this programme.

In addition, Mr Go Pei Heng will continue to share with audiences others poison at 2.30pm on 19/9/2017, namely stagnation, blood poisoning, "qi" poisoning and lipotoxicity. You can watch re-broadcast at ~

善德中医坊的驻诊医师 吴沛恒医师受邀到本地电视台 NTV7 的 #活力加油站分享“九毒”。 所以说,你到底有多毒😅 排除毒素,身体更舒畅,8/9/2018先谈其中四毒,分别是水毒、尿毒、汗毒、痰毒。其个别的症状表现、中医中药的小配方等都在节目中一一解说!

此外,吴沛恒医师将在19/9/2017 下午2.30 继续为观众分享另外五毒,分别是 瘀毒、血毒、气毒、便毒和脂毒.

錯過了,可以在 💻 看重播喔~

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