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What Your Tongue Can Tell You About Your Health? 舌头真的能看出一个人的身体状况吗?

A healthy tongue should be pink(or pale red) in color and covered with light coating。Any deviation from your tongue’s normal appearance, or any pain, may be cause for concern. Trimedic Healtcare Centre Chinese Physician - Mr Choy Wai Chong was invited by NTV7 in the program of "Living Delight" to discuss about the changes of tongue that might need special attention. Lets watch the program at

正常人的舌体柔软灵活,颜色淡红,富有生气,称为淡红舌。 舌头的变化反映了人体内脏的变化,任何疾病都有可能在舌头上“露出马脚”。因此,对舌体与舌苔颜色的辨别,就可以从中发现许多您身上已经发生或即将发生的疾病,对及时预防与治疗都有着关键的作用。善德中医坊的蔡伟聪医师获邀到NTV 7 电视台的#活力加油站# 讲解关于如何从舌头看病情。 欲重温节目内容, 可到 收看哦!

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