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#善德中医坊 #蔡伟聪医师 于05/08/2020 (星期三)在 #八度空间 #活力加油站 和大家分享 #恼人的五十肩。想知道更多关于肩周炎的知识,可以看看 #蔡伟聪医师 怎么说。

错过的朋友可以到 或者Youtube 8TV 八度空间Channel 重温哦!


I have pain at the shoulder with restriction movement, is this Frozen shoulder? What is frozen shoulder, is this treatable?

Our physician #DrChoyWaiChong was invited to speak on the show #8tv #LivingDelight on 5th August 2020 (Wed) to share about knowledge of #FrozenShoulder (or #AdhesiveCapsulitis). You may log in to or Youtube 8TV Channel to rewatch the show!

You may click here the rewatch the show:

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