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广揉腹一— 消食排浊,揉腹帮助身体排除废物。



随时留意身体的变化,让身体始终保持畅通而不受拘束,疏畅而不积郁,温暖而不受寒冷侵扰。让生活充满活力,迎接每一天的新奇! #中焦通畅 #身体奇迹 #健康生活 #活力满满 

 Unlocking the middle energizes the body in an unexpected way! Who knew that clearing the middle energy could make you feel this amazing? When the middle energy is blocked, experiencing both internal heat and external cold makes the body feel heavy and stagnant, unwilling to move. It's only when the middle energy is unblocked that one realizes good health is the ultimate stage for pursuing dreams. Without health, even having dreams feels like chasing after distant illusions.

Six miraculous transformations happen when the middle energy flows freely, bringing unparalleled joy!

Burping and passing gas, a relief for the body. After burping and passing gas, the body feels liberated, the bloating sensation disappears, and eating becomes a breeze.

The lower back, abdomen, hands, and feet become warm and balanced. With the middle energy unblocked, the body feels like it's embraced by warmth. Throughout the day, the lower abdomen, hands, and feet feel pleasantly warm.

Feeling hungry at mealtime, a clear signal of a well-functioning stomach. With the middle energy unblocked, the body becomes lively, hunger strikes strongly, and eating turns into a delightful experience. Snacks lose their appeal, and there's a subconscious rejection of heavy and oily foods.

More stable emotions, a serene and joyful mood. The unblocked middle energy allows emotions to find an outlet, creating a calm and peaceful demeanor, free from irritability over trivial matters.

Improved sleep quality, deep and relaxing. With the middle energy unblocked, the body efficiently eliminates waste, leading to a deep and tranquil sleep.

A more agile brain, a continuous flow of creativity. With the middle energy unblocked, the mind becomes clear, ideas flow effortlessly, and there's a renewed passion for exercise and activities.

If you're still stuck with blocked middle energy, don't lose hope. Try the following movements and acupressure points:

Gentle abdominal massage — aids digestion and eliminates waste.

Holding up the heavens and regulating the triple energizers — promotes balanced breathing and harmonizes the flow of energy throughout the body.

Connecting the inner gate to the outer gate — massages specific acupoints to balance yin and yang, maintaining the body's overall harmony.

Pay attention to the changes in your body, allowing it to stay unobstructed, free from stagnation, warm, and resilient to cold. Let life be full of vitality as you embrace the novelty of each day!  #UnblockedMiddleEnergy #BodyMiracles #HealthyLiving #fullofvitality 


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