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凌诗芃 医师 Phy. Lin Cze Pern

​凌诗芃 医师 Phy. Lin Cze Pern



TCM Nephrology, TCM Gynecology


Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine


Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine


Bandar Mahkota Cheras HQ

Every Tuesday and Friday 

10am to 5 pm  (Lunch off 1pm-2pm)

Taman Desa Branch

Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 9am-5pm ( Lunch off 1pm-2pm)


Ara Damansara Branch

Every Tuesday 9AM - 5PM (Lunch Off 1-2PM)

Thursday 2PM - 5PM

凌诗芃医师,女,现任善德中医坊驻诊中医师,前Hospital Putrajaya中医部驻诊医师,毕业于南京中医药大学,荣获学士学位和硕士学位,主修中医内科学(肾脏病)。

凌诗芃医师为马来西亚卫生部合格注册中医师,中医师总会永久会员。曾受邀担任NTV 7《活力加油站》,988电台 早点UP ,交换角度的特别嘉宾,主要普及大众,解说中医中药知识。更受邀到Hospital Putrajaya给予中医课题的讲座。


Summary Profile

Physician Lin Cze-Pern was formerly an attending physician at Hospital Putrajaya's Department of Chinese Medicine.  She graduated from the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine with a bachelor's and master's degree, both majoring in kidney disease.  She is a permanent member of the Malaysia Chinese Medical Association.  She featured as a special guest of NTV 7 "Living Delight" program to promote the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and conducted workshop at Hospital Putrajaya on the invitation of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

Taman Desa, Mahkota Cheras

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