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黄暐智医师 Phy. Wong Wei Zhi



Pain Management, General Medicine. Acupuncture


Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (Hons)

 Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman 


Taman Desa Branch

Mon - Thurs

10.30AM - 6.30PM


9AM - 1PM

Sat & Sun 

9AM - 5PM

智医师 Phy. Wong Wei Zhi

Taman Desa Branch




Physician Wong Wei Zhi graduated from the University Tunku Abdul Rahman Malaysia (UTAR), holds a Bachelor of Chinese Medicine. He is one of the members of the Malaysian Chinese Medicine Association (MCMA) and is a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. Physician Wong underwent clinical posting at Tung Shin Hospital and several Chinese Medicine Clinic. He had experienced in different department, such as TCM Internal Medicine, TCM Orthopedics, TCM Dermatology,TCM Gynaecology, TCM Pediatrics, TCM Oncology, Acupuncture and Tui-Na (Therapeutic massage) etc.


Physician Wong is good at  conditioning personal constitution and treating human pathological phenomena with various TCM Theories, cooperating meridians and herbal medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Physician Wong also specialize in dealing sub-state discomfort, emphasize concept of health regimen, prevention methods and health care methods.

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