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黄振华医师 Phy. Ng Zhen Wah



TCM Gastroenterology, Pain Management, General Medicine. 


Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (Hons) 1st

 Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman 


Bdr Mahkota Cheras HQ

Mon - Wed

10AM -1PM

2PM - 5PM

6PM - 9PM


10AM - 1PM

Sat & Sun 

4PM - 7PM

黄振华医师 Phy. Ng Zhen Wah




Physician Ng graduated from the University Tunku Abdul Rahman Malaysia (UTAR) with a First Class Honours Degree, holds a Bachelor of Chinese Medicine, he is a member of the Malaysian Chinese Medicine Association (MCMA) and is a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. Physician Ng received clinical training at Tung Shin Hospital and Chinese Medicine Clinic in Malaysia. His training covered TCM Internal Medicine, TCM Orthopedics, TCM Dermatology,TCM Gynaecology, TCM Pediatrics, TCM Oncology, Acupuncture and Tui-Na (Therapeutic massage).


Physician Ng is good at adjusting human physiology and treating human pathological phenomena with the theory of viscera, meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Pharmacology of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


Physician Ng target at sub-health groups discomfort, emphasizing the concept of health regimen, prevention methods and health care methods.

Mahkota Cheras

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