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热浪来袭!应对方法 Heatwaves - The Do's and Don'ts

Why is it so HOT recently?

As this week's weather forecast, we are experiencing excessive heat and might continue in the coming week. What can we do the ease the heat? Many might think drinking lots of cold drinks is the best way. However, in TCM perspective, it is not recommended as excessive intake of cold drinks will affect our stomach function, might cause diarrhea, lost of appetite and other symptoms.

The Do's

  • Avoid Outdoor Activities

     You may carry out your usual outdoor sports in the evening or earlier in the morning which is cooler

  • Drink Water in Regular Intervals

     Avoid drinking large amount of water in a short time, it's better to drink adequate amount in regular intervals

  • Light Diet

     Avoid heavy diet which can cause excessive sweating & indigestion

The Don'ts

  • Don't take in too much of cold , fried & oily , spicy food

     In hot weather, people might have less appetite as body regulate our body temperature by cutting down heat generating function such as absorption of food. Taking spicy food will cause rise in temperature in the body. Besides, cold foods & drinks although can ease discomfort in a short time, it might upset your stomach

  • Don't carry out activities that cause excessive sweating

    Excessive sweating might cause electrolytes imbalance

  • Don't set your Air Conditioner Temperature too low

    Recommended temperature would be 24°C-26°C, avoid wide gap of outdoor-indoor temperature




  • 尽量避免户外活动


  • 积极、多次、少量补充水分


  • 饮食清淡



  • 不应摄入过多生冷、辛辣刺激之品



  • 避免暴汗


  • 避免把空调温度打得太低



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