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饮食调理:避免辛辣、油腻、生冷食物,这些容易伤害脾胃,增加湿气. 保持规律的饮食,多食用新鲜蔬菜,增加去湿食物,如红小豆、薏米、莴苣、扁豆、冬瓜、芡实等. 多喝温热汤,远离冰淇淋和冷饮.

改善环境:如果你长期生活在潮湿环境或频繁在水下工作,也可能导致脾虚湿气重. 改善居住环境,保持房间通风和干燥.

药物治疗:在中医的基础上,可以考虑服用药物. 同时,保持良好的生活习惯,避免过度劳累和熬夜,保持积极的情绪. 中医疗法如拔罐和艾灸也可以考虑.

了解并关心自己的身体信号,采取适当的措施,有助于维持身体的健康和平衡.  #健康养生 #脾虚湿气调理 #自我关爱 #身体健康

 Do you often wake up feeling tired, with heavy limbs, especially sore calves and cold hands and feet? Does your skin frequently break out in rashes or even peel? Does your face and scalp seem to produce excess oil, making you feel uncomfortable? Or have you noticed that your stool often sticks to the toilet, and no amount of flushing seems to clean it properly? Is your tongue coated thick and white, appearing moist, indicating internal coldness? Or is it rough, thick, yellowish, or greasy, suggesting an internal presence of damp heat? Perhaps your tongue appears red without any coating, signifying elevated internal heat levels? Some people even experience nausea and the feeling of an unclean throat while brushing their teeth, unable to expel phlegm, which can also be a sign of internal dampness. Do you often find yourself disinterested in physical activity, feeling your limbs become heavy and weak due to the accumulation of internal dampness? After meals, do you experience a poor appetite and susceptibility to diarrhea, which may not necessarily be caused by bacteria but rather by spleen and stomach disharmony, often unaffected by conventional antibiotics? These are the seven prominent signals of spleen deficiency and excess dampness.

So, how can you self-regulate?

Exercise: The spleen governs the muscles, and regular exercise helps eliminate accumulated dampness within the body. Try to engage in aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes after each meal.

Dietary adjustments: Avoid spicy, greasy, and cold foods, as they can harm the spleen and increase dampness. Maintain a regular eating schedule, consume fresh vegetables, and incorporate dampness-reducing foods such as red beans, coix seeds, lettuce, mung beans, winter melon, and fox nuts. Drink warm soups and steer clear of ice cream and cold beverages.

Improve your environment: If you live in a damp environment or frequently work in water, it may contribute to spleen deficiency and excess dampness. Enhance your living conditions by ensuring proper ventilation and dryness in your rooms.

Medicinal treatment: Consider medication based on traditional Chinese medicine principles. Alongside this, maintain good lifestyle habits, avoid excessive fatigue and late nights, and ensure a positive emotional state. You can also explore traditional Chinese therapies like cupping and moxibustion.

Understanding and caring for these bodily signals, and taking appropriate measures, can help maintain your health and balance.


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