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培养饭后习惯 维护肠胃健康







通过养成这些超棒的饮食和生活习惯,我们可以更好地照顾我们的胃肠健康,降低患上胃肠问题的风险,提高整体健康水平。记住,关注饭后这个关键时刻对于维持身体健康至关重要!#胃肠健康 #健康习惯 

During the golden hour after a meal, let's take a series of fantastic steps to nurture our digestive health!

 Avoid drinking strong tea: While many people enjoy a cup of strong tea  after a heavy meal to alleviate the greasy feeling and aid digestion, it's essential to avoid consuming strong tea immediately after eating. This is because a large intake of water into the stomach can dilute digestive enzymes and stomach acid, affecting the digestion process. Additionally, the tannic acid in tea can interact with stomach acid, potentially impacting the digestion and absorption of proteins.

 Don't rush into sleep: After a meal, blood rushes to the stomach to aid in digestion, which can make you feel drowsy, especially during lunchtime . However, it's not advisable to fall asleep immediately as it can slow down blood circulation, affecting digestion, causing discomfort in the stomach, and potentially leading to gastric issues.

 Stay upright: Following your meal, refrain from sitting or lying down right away, as this can slow down the movement of your digestive tract, hampering digestion and absorption of nutrients, and even contributing to weight gain . Also, avoid engaging in strenuous exercise or brisk walks immediately, as this may affect the secretion of digestive fluids, leading to functional digestive problems.

 Enjoy foods that aid digestion: The half-hour after a meal is the peak time for digestion in the stomach and intestines. During this period, you can consume foods that aid digestion, such as probiotics, which help reduce the burden on the stomach, promote detoxification, and aid in digestion.

 Avoid immediate smoking: The saying goes, "A cigarette after a meal is worth gold." However, this habit is harmful to various organs, including the stomach, brain, and heart. After a meal, intestinal and gastric movements accelerate, and blood circulation intensifies. Smoking at this time can lead to the rapid absorption of harmful substances from tobacco into the bloodstream.

By adopting these fantastic dietary and lifestyle habits, we can better take care of our digestive health, reduce the risk of gastrointestinal problems, and improve overall well-being. Remember, paying attention to this critical time after meals is essential for maintaining good health!  #DigestiveHealth #HealthyHabits 


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