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孩子反复感冒? 可能是脾胃虚弱!


儿童脾胃虚弱就像一个神秘的魔法门,轻轻一推可能导致肺虚卫弱,感冒接踵而至! 这个冬天,为了让孩子壮实,父母们使出浑身解数,可中医却说:小儿脾常不足,吃多反而更容易生病!

别怕,解决之道就在于「补肺健脾」! 这里有两招巧妙运用,让宝贝告别感冒困扰:

 巧用工艾灸,调理脏腑机能:艾灸神奇的力量,打通体内经络气血,调整脏腑机能,就像是给宝贝的身体开启了一扇健康之门! 大椎穴、肺俞穴、神阙穴、公孙穴,成为宝贝的身体航道,让他们在温暖中茁壮成长!

 巧选营养粥,温和呵护:在感冒期间,舍弃油炸、生硬、腌制,迎接清淡易消化的美味! 用细心搭配荤素,适度控制食量,不再增加脾胃负担。孩子感冒时,热粥成为温馨的庇护,既美味又能发挥发汗、散热、祛风的作用,是抗感冒的小帮手!

摆脱感冒困扰,让孩子在温馨的呵护中快乐成长!用正确的方法呵护他们的身体,迎接一个健康活泼的冬天吧! #宝贝健康 #脾胃调理 #防感冒攻略  这个冬天,让我们一起为孩子的健康加把劲!

 Tiny body, big issues! If your child keeps catching colds, the culprit might just be their stomach and spleen!

A child's weak stomach and spleen is like a mysterious magic gate—lightly nudging it can lead to weakened lungs and susceptibility to colds!  This winter, parents are pulling out all the stops to toughen up their kids. But according to traditional Chinese medicine: "A child's spleen is often insufficient, and overeating may lead to illness!"

Fear not! The solution lies in "nourishing the lungs and invigorating the spleen"!  Here are two clever tricks to bid farewell to the recurring colds:

 Smart use of moxibustion to regulate organ function:

Harness the magical power of moxibustion to open up the body's meridians, adjusting organ functions. It's like unlocking a door to health for your little one!  Targeting acupoints like Dazhui, Feishu, Shénquè, and Gōngsūn ensures a smooth path for your child's well-being.

 Carefully chosen nutritional porridge for gentle nourishment:

During colds, ditch the fried and heavily seasoned foods. Embrace light, easily digestible delights!  Carefully balance proteins and veggies, control portions, and lighten the load on your child's stomach. Warm porridge becomes a comforting haven during colds, delicious and effective in inducing sweating, dispelling heat, and warding off the wind.

Say goodbye to the cold and embrace a winter of joyous growth for your child! Use the right methods to care for their bodies and welcome a healthy and lively winter!  #ChildHealth #SpleenCare #ColdPrevention  This winter, let's all chip in for the health of our little ones!


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