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富贵包知多少?附 改善方法














Behold, the fortune bag is actually the "little tail" of our bad habits!

Friends, let's unveil together the bad habits that lead to the fortune bag:

Drooping over smartphones, drawn into the digital world, our necks bear heavy pressure, and lo and behold, the fortune bag quietly descends.

In a lazy state, the habit of craning our necks inadvertently adds a unique touch to the fortune bag.

With a hunched back like a mountain, enduring endless pressure, our bodies gradually deform, and the fortune bag comes forth like a faithful follower.

The habit of rounded shoulders tightens the muscles, as we sit still for long periods, and the fortune bag gradually reveals its true form, as if to say, "Hey, don't forget about me!"

To break free from these bad habits, let's try the following suggestions:

Neck exercises, moving the neck, relaxing tense muscles, and distancing ourselves from the entanglement of the fortune bag.

Shoulder and neck massages, gentle touches on the shoulders and neck, releasing muscle tension, bidding farewell to the troubles of the fortune bag.

How can we overcome these bad habits?

Straighten your chest, put down your phone, move your shoulders, stretch your body, 20 times on each side, 3 sets.

Gentle massages, using a towel to stretch the body, 20 times on each side, relieving muscle tension, and welcoming a comfortable life.

Free yourself from the shackles of bad habits, bid farewell to the fortune bag, and embrace a healthy and joyful life!


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