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 长时间的久坐不动:在办公室里,一坐下就可能连续坐上整整一天,长达七八个小时,这对脾胃造成了伤害。长时间坐不动会导致肌肉退化,尤其是在工作时大脑持续高度活跃。这种生活方式对脾胃健康的危害不容忽视。 #脾虚 #健康生活 #良好习惯"

"The fundamental reasons behind spleen deficiency include the following:

 Irregular sleep patterns and frequent late nights: For instance, when it's already 11 PM, but you still feel it's early, and you stay up a bit longer before going to sleep. Or perhaps, you delay your meal until it's almost time for dinner. Such late-night habits are detrimental not only to the spleen but also to other organs. Your body constantly oscillates between hunger and satiety, imposing significant stress on the spleen.

 A sedentary lifestyle: This encompasses consistently opting for a ride instead of walking, lying down when you could sit, and sitting when you could stand. The distance you walk in a day might be as short as from your office to the bathroom. Typically, after eating, you prefer to sit down, and after eating a lot, you might even lie down. There's minimal limb movement, which is highly unfavorable for spleen health.

 Excessive worrying: Overthinking, being excessively concerned, and experiencing high levels of stress are also contributors to spleen deficiency. As the saying goes, 'Excessive rumination harms the spleen.' When you think too much and are overwhelmed by worries, your spleen's function can be compromised. Those who habitually dwell on problems and are prone to overthinking tend to have weaker spleen and stomach function.

 Unhealthy eating habits: Given that the spleen is a primary digestive organ, dietary habits play a crucial role in causing spleen deficiency. Frequently indulging in grilled foods, fried items, barbecues, or overeating without moderation places a substantial burden on the spleen. The abundance of cold beverages, such as iced milk tea and frozen fruit juices, combined with excessive watermelon consumption, can challenge even the most robust spleen.

 Prolonged periods of sitting: In the office, it's an entire day of sitting, lasting seven to eight hours. This sedentary lifestyle, coupled with continuous mental activity, can harm the spleen. Prolonged inactivity results in muscle atrophy, particularly when the brain remains highly active. The damage this lifestyle inflicts on spleen health should not be underestimated. #SpleenDeficiency #HealthyLiving #GoodHabits"


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