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身体内湿气沉重,就像是身上裹了层湿衣服,感觉身体沉重、疲劳,不愿意活动,精神涣散,不愿多言。湿气减轻后整个人会变得神清气爽且神采奕奕! #湿气减缓


湿气过重的人,在饭点时往往没有强烈的饥饿感,也没有胃口,即便是喜欢的食物也提不起兴趣。这是脾虚湿困的表现,湿气减轻后,胃口会逐渐开阔,食欲也会增强。 #食欲振兴


晚上睡眠没有过多的梦境和盗汗,清晨醒来容易,清醒后精神矍铄。湿气过重会导致睡眠不足,大脑不清醒,例如早晨醒来头昏脑涨,神志不清。 #良好睡眠


如果平时大便软糊、黏腻,很难冲洗干净,排便总感觉不尽如人意,说明仍有湿气。若大便逐渐呈现香蕉形状,说明体内湿气减轻。 #正常排便


体内湿气积聚过多会导致身体浮肿,尤其在腹部,减肥变得困难。然而,湿气减轻后,尤其是水分排除,腰腹、大腿和小腿等部位会变得更加纤细,体重减轻明显。 #健康体重


腿部感觉轻盈,四肢灵活且愿意多运动。湿气过重会使身体感到沉重,就像裹了一层湿漉漉的衣服,懒得动且感到疲惫。 #活力四溢


没有湿气的舌苔呈淡红、润泽,相对较薄且白,湿润适中,既不滑腻也不干燥。若舌苔白而厚,看起来湿滑,则可能有体内寒湿;若舌苔粗糙或特别厚,同时发黄和发腻,则可能有湿热。 #舌部健康


湿气过重时,早晨起床后的晨尿颜色可能特别深,像浓茶一样。随着湿气的排除,晨尿量会增加,颜色也会由混浊变得清澈。 #清晨健康 

Manifestations of expelling dampness:

Clear and Refreshed Spirit

When there is an excess of dampness in the body, it feels like wearing wet clothes, making the body heavy and causing fatigue. The person becomes lethargic, lacking energy and motivation. After reducing dampness, the whole person feels clear-headed, refreshed, and energized! #DampnessRelief

Increased Appetite

Individuals with excessive dampness often do not feel intensely hungry at meal times and may lack appetite even for their favorite foods. This indicates a condition of spleen deficiency and dampness stagnation. After reducing dampness, the appetite gradually improves, and the enjoyment of food increases. #HealthyAppetite

Good Sleep Quality

Sleeping at night without excessive dreams and night sweats, waking up easily, and feeling particularly alert and refreshed are signs of reduced dampness. Excessive dampness can lead to insufficient sleep, a foggy mind upon waking, and dizziness. #QualitySleep

Formed Stools

If daily stools are loose, sticky, and difficult to flush, and there is a feeling of incomplete evacuation, dampness may still be present. Formed, banana-shaped stools indicate a reduction in internal dampness. #NormalBowels

Weight Loss

Accumulation of dampness in the body can lead to swelling and a protruding abdomen, making weight loss challenging. However, as dampness decreases, especially through the elimination of excess water, the waist, abdomen, thighs, and calves become slimmer, resulting in noticeable weight loss. #HealthyWeight

Light and Agile Body

Legs feel light, limbs are nimble, and there is a willingness to engage in more physical activity. Excessive dampness makes the body feel heavy, like wearing damp clothes, resulting in a lack of motivation and fatigue. #Vitality

Clear Tongue Coating

A tongue coating without dampness is light red and moist, relatively thin and white, with moderate moisture—not too slippery or dry. A white and thick tongue coating may indicate the presence of cold-dampness, while a rough or particularly thick coating, along with yellow color and greasiness, may suggest damp-heat. #TongueHealth

Clear Morning Urine

In cases of excessive dampness, the morning urine may be particularly dark, resembling strong tea. As dampness is expelled, the morning urine increases, and its color becomes clear rather than yellow. #HealthyMornings


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