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新年热气上火怎么办?附 食疗












 "New Year Revelry: Battling Inner Flames"

During the festive season of the Lunar New Year, indulgence in sumptuous feasts and merry gatherings abounds. However, excessive consumption leads to the raging fire within, engulfing our hearts and minds.

Amidst the revelry, our bodies restlessly contend with oral ulcers, throat discomfort, relentless coughs, facial eruptions, inflamed gums, and unbearable breath, reminding us incessantly of the fiery adversary within.

But fear not! In this moment, let us seek alternative remedies!

 Chrysanthemum: With its cooling detoxifying prowess, it aids in dispelling inner agitation, purging toxins, and soothing the heart's fire.

 Lily: A dual-purpose medicinal and culinary delight, it moistens the lungs and quells inner heat. Whether in Lily Soup, Lotus Seed Lily Congee, or Lily Pork Rib Pot, it alleviates bodily discomfort.

 Pear: Sweet and cool, it moistens the lungs, clears heat, and offers a refreshing reprieve from inner flames.

 Mung Bean: Its detoxifying properties flow like a cleansing stream, sweeping away internal heat, and bringing bodily relief.

 Lotus Seed: Calms the heart and soothes the spirit, healing oral ulcers and restoring inner tranquility.

 Goji Berry: Balancing yin and yang, it harmonizes body and mind with a gentle warmth, tempering inner fire.

Amidst the joyous festivities, let us nurture our bodies in unconventional ways. Discovering these unique dietary remedies, may we welcome the New Year with contented hearts and cooled flames!


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