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 Full of vitality with abundant Qi and blood, life is a smooth sail; insufficient Qi and blood, ailments play mischievously, making you feel like you're in a constant headache!

 A woman's life is like a "Qi and Blood Epic," where the source of vitality lies in the fullness and smooth flow of Qi and blood. To live a vibrant life, pay attention to your Qi and blood status at all times!

 The function of the spleen and stomach is like the grand steward of Qi and blood. Eat well, transform well, and your Qi and blood will naturally be abundant. Don't let yourself become a pitiful soul in need of replenishment; nurture your spleen and stomach and welcome a rich supply of Qi and blood!

 Staying up late is not a good habit! The liver loves to rest during the late hours, especially from 11 pm to 1 am. Don't disturb its beauty sleep; otherwise, your Qi and blood might just run away!

 Restrict excessive nutrition; don't burden your organs too much. Let them operate effortlessly to maintain abundant Qi and blood. Your body will thank you!

 Indulging excessively in desires or engaging too frequently in intimate activities? Be cautious! This can deplete your Qi and blood significantly. Maintain moderation, and your body will thank you with happiness!

 Emotions consume Qi and blood; anger, worry, and excessive pondering act as "Qi and blood thieves." Keep a light-hearted attitude, laugh at life's challenges, and only then will your Qi and blood flourish, and your body will be healthier!

Remember, with ample Qi and blood, life becomes more splendid! Keep a positive mindset, pay attention to Qi and blood health, and let your life be filled with vitality!


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