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 Don't Soak Your Feet Right Before Bed:

 Foot soaking can get your blood flowing and energize you, which might interfere with your beauty sleep. So, it's best to soak your feet about 1-2 hours before bedtime.

 Avoid Foot Soaking During Illness:

 Foot soaking is a great remedy for colds caused by exposure to cold wind, but for febrile (heat-related) illnesses, foot soaking might not only be ineffective but could also make you feel worse.

 Don't Soak Feet Immediately After a Meal:

 After a meal, your body directs blood to your digestive system to help with food digestion. Foot soaking, on the other hand, accelerates blood circulation to your lower limbs, affecting digestion. So, it's best to wait for about half an hour after a meal before foot soaking.

 Don't Foot Soak on an Empty Stomach:

 Foot soaking about an hour after a meal is more suitable. Foot soaking on an empty stomach may lead to dizziness and weakness.

 Don't Air-Dry Your Feet After Foot Soaking:

 Evaporation of moisture can take away a significant amount of heat, and after foot soaking, your pores are open, making it easy for cold air to enter your body. Use a soft towel to gently pat your feet dry, and you can also apply some moisturizing lotion.

 Don't Limit Soaking to Just the Ankles:

 The water level for foot soaking should cover the "San Yin Xue," which is a location about four fingers above the ankle. This ensures that you fully benefit from foot soaking.

 Avoid Prolonged Foot Soaking:

 The recommended duration for foot soaking is generally between 15-30 minutes. For the elderly, it's best not to exceed 20 minutes, as longer soaking may lead to feelings of anxiety and restlessness.

 Maintain an Appropriate Water Temperature:

 The water temperature for foot soaking should be comfortably warm, not exceeding 40°C. Excessively hot water can scald the skin, and high-temperature foot soaking can open your pores, making it easier for cold air to enter your body.

 Be Cautious with Adding Herbs During Foot Soaking:

 Adding herbs during foot soaking is a good practice, but it's important to select herbs that suit your personal constitution and avoid haphazard combinations to prevent unnecessary allergies or discomfort.

 Avoid Foot Soaking Before Taking a Bath:

 The temperature of foot soaking water is generally higher than that of bathing water. Soaking your feet before taking a bath can allow cold air to enter your body through expanded pores.

Following these precautions will help you better enjoy the benefits of foot soaking while ensuring your health and comfort.


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