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First Level Dampness (Dampness on the Skin):

 Dull complexion, yellowing, frequent breakouts: The skin appears dull, possibly with a yellowish or dark complexion, and is prone to acne.

 Oily skin and hair: Excess oil on the skin and hair.

 Heavy eyelids with under-eye bags: Swelling or bags under the eyes.

Second Level Dampness (Dampness in the Muscles):

 Lethargy upon waking, aching calf muscles: Feeling tired upon waking with sore calf muscles.

 Body swelling, edema: Visible signs of body swelling or weight gain.

 Morning nausea and throat discomfort: Experiencing nausea and discomfort in the throat upon waking.

 Thick white tongue coating: White and thick tongue coating.

Third Level Dampness (Dampness in the Joints):

 Joint pain: Experiencing joint pain.

 Susceptible to joint problems, neck pain, shoulder discomfort: Prone to joint issues, neck pain, and shoulder discomfort.

Fourth Level Dampness (Dampness in the Organs):

 Loss of appetite, gastric bloating: Reduced appetite and a tendency to experience stomach bloating.

 Poor digestion: Impaired digestive function leading to discomfort.

 Irregular bowel movements, sticky stools that are hard to flush: Abnormal bowel movements with sticky, hard-to-flush stools.

Fifth Level Dampness (Dampness throughout the Body):

 Pale complexion, excessive perspiration: A pale complexion and a tendency to sweat excessively.

 Afternoon heaviness in the chest: Feeling discomfort or congestion in the chest in the afternoon.

 Cold hands and feet, limb weakness: Feeling unusually cold in the hands and feet with weakness in the limbs.

 Sensitivity to temperature, lowered immunity: Being sensitive to temperature changes and having a weakened immune system.


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