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别再挑战夜晚,给你的心脏一份温馨的小憩吧!  #健康小贴士 #熬夜伤身 #呵护心脏 #珍爱自己 

 Wondering why you feel palpitations after staying up late? Stop burning the midnight oil! Have you ever experienced that quiet moment when your heart suddenly goes "thud," as if it skipped a beat? That phenomenon is known as "premature heartbeat," and severe cases could even lead to sudden cardiac arrest!

Among all our organs, the heart works tirelessly 24/7, but it also needs a little breathing room. During sleep, the heart starts beating more slowly, entering a restful state. However, if you're a chronic night owl, the damage to your heart might be irreversible! Overworking the heart can lead to myocardial ischemia, arrhythmias, and even escalate to a heart attack.

The 10 aftermaths of staying up late:

 Cardiovascular issues: Increased blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, triggering a heart attack

 Cognitive decline: Memory loss, delayed reaction, inability to concentrate

 Liver strain: Elevated liver heat, diminished repair function

 Emotional rollercoaster: Irritability, mood swings, from light melancholy to intense anger

 Skin troubles: Dry skin, oil-water imbalance, incessant acne outbreaks

 Body changes: Hormonal imbalance, weight gain, sudden belly expansion

 Weakened immunity: Reduced resistance, falling sick frequently

 Eye strain: Dry, sore eyes, blurred vision, and massive eye bags and dark circles

 Hair woes: Greasy, poor-quality hair, severe hair loss

 Sleep disturbances: Disrupted sleep schedule, difficulty falling asleep, vivid dreams, lingering fatigue upon waking

The 4 symptoms after staying up late:

 Rapid heartbeat, palpitations

 Chest tightness, difficulty breathing, profuse sweating

 Nausea, discomfort in the stomach, pale or yellowish complexion

 Dizziness, feeling intoxicated, light-headedness

Don't challenge the night any longer. Give your heart a warm break!  #HealthTips #StayUpLateHarms #TakeCareOfYourHeart #CherishYourself 


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