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脚踝扭伤 - Ankle sprain

脚踝扭伤是筋伤科里面很常见的问题,大多数人最大的问题是第一次脚踝扭伤后,特别容易再次发生脚踝扭伤。 很多人觉得脚踝扭伤是小事情,不需要做什么治疗,其实是错误的。脚踝的稳定是由多个韧带来维持,几乎每个脚踝扭伤时,都会撕裂韧带,严重的甚至会撕断韧带、骨折。为什么会反复扭伤?踝韧带撕裂后,再次损伤的机会是40%-70%,反复脚踝扭伤会造成韧带松弛,就好比橡皮筋反复被牵拉一样。想知道更多,欢迎咨询! #善德中医坊 #脚踝扭伤 #韧带损伤 #固定

Ankle sprain is a very common disease among all soft tissues injuries. Most people will experience it repeatedly if not properly treated on the first time, as known as Chronic Ankle Instability. It is a misconception that most people think that ankle sprain does not need to be treated. Our ankle depends on various ligaments to provide a firm support. When our ankle is sprained, some ligament will be partially tear, some might get completely tear or even have bone fracture if in some serious case. So, why some will experience chronic ankle instability? According to studies, a torn or injured ligament will have a higher tendency to get injured again and the odds are between 40%-70%, repetitive ankle sprained will cause the ligaments laxity and weak, just like a loose rubber band after being pulled several times, thus those who does not recovered from the first ankle sprain will experience it again and again. Feel free to contact us to know more! #TrimedicHealthcareCentre #AnkleSprain #Injuredligaments#BandageFixation

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