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针灸可以提高受孕的几率! Acupuncture can help in fertility!

针灸,广为人知的中医疗法。传统中医理论认为这些穴位连接人体的能量通路——经络,针灸治疗可帮助机体自然能量运行通畅。但是你知道吗,针灸也可以提高受孕的几率哦!已有研究证明,人工授精伴随针灸治疗是能增加怀孕几率的。据加拿大的生殖中心研究表明,在胚胎移植前后进行两次针灸调理,可以使受孕的成功率提高30%~40%。 通过针灸,可以帮助:- 1、调节月经问题(规律周期、经期&经前、后综合症、月经过少、月经延长等等) 2、提高卵子质量 3、提高受孕几率(包括人工授精) 4、促排卵 5、降低流产风险 6、帮助放松


Acupuncture, which is rooted in the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, has been around for more than 2,000 years. Involving the placement of thin needles into specific areas of the body, the practice stimulates the body’s meridians (channels of energy). Do you know that acupuncture can help in fertility? Studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of acupuncture in improving fertility and increasing Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART) success rates. Acupuncture helps in:- 1. Regulating menstrual cycle 2. Improve egg quality 3. Improve ART outcome (IUI/ IVF) 4. Promote ovulation 5. Prevent miscarriage 6. Helps relax

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善德中医坊 (皇冠城) Trimedic Healthcare Centre Bdr Mahkota Cheras Tel: 03-9011 2228 Add: 8G, Jalan Panglima, Off Persiaran Mahkota, Bdr Mahkota Cheras, 43200 Cheras, Selangor. (Find us on WAZE!)

善德中医坊(郊外岭) Trimedic Healthcare Centre Tmn Desa Tel: 03-79712680 Add: No.25, Jalan 109E, Desa Business Park, Taman Desa, Off Jalan Klan Lama, 58100 KL. (Find us on WAZE!)

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