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 心阳虚 —— 心悸、气短,仿佛身体缺少了一抹温暖的阳光,心灵也因此感到无依。

 脾阳虚 —— 腹胀、便溏,似乎每一口食物都在身体中变成了一团寒气,让消化系统无法正常运转。

 护肾阳虚 —— 腰膝酸软、四肢发冷,仿佛被冰霜所覆盖,身体渐渐失去了活力和力量。


 多做运动 —— 活动身体,促进血液循环,让温暖的阳光渗透每一个细胞。

 多晒太阳 —— 适度晒太阳可以补充身体所需的能量,让阳光穿透身体的每一个角落。

 进行艾灸 —— 艾灸有助于温暖经络、驱寒散湿,促进阳气的升发。


 神阙穴 —— 位于腹中部,脐中央,是调节体内阴阳平衡的关键。

 气海穴、关元穴 —— 分别位于下腹部的正中线上,有助于激发身体内的阳气。

 肾俞穴 —— 位于腰部,能够调节肾脏功能,增强身体的阳气。


 少熬夜 —— 给身体充足的休息时间,让身体得到有效修复。

 少食寒冷食物 —— 冷食会伤害阳气,应尽量避免。

 少吹空调 —— 避免长时间暴露在冷气中,以免损耗身体的阳气。


 姜、坚果类、辣椒、枸杞、韭菜 —— 这些食物具有温热的性质,适量摄入有助于补充体内的阳气,增强身体的抵抗力。


Exploring the Various Manifestations of Yang Deficiency, Unveiling the Secrets of Healthy Living!

Different Types of Yang Deficiency exhibit unique symptoms:

 Heart Yang Deficiency — Palpitations, shortness of breath, as if the body lacks a touch of warm sunlight, leaving the spirit feeling adrift.

 Spleen Yang Deficiency — Abdominal distension, loose stools, every morsel of food seems to turn into a ball of coldness in the body, disrupting digestion.

 Kidney Yang Deficiency — Soreness and weakness in the lower back and knees, coldness in the limbs, as if enveloped by frost, gradually losing vitality and strength.

How to Combat Yang Deficiency? Here are some suggestions:

 Exercise More — Move your body, promote blood circulation, and let the warm sunlight penetrate every cell.

 Sunbathe More — Moderate sun exposure can replenish the body's energy, allowing sunlight to permeate every corner of the body.

 Try Moxibustion — Moxibustion helps warm the meridians, dispel cold, and promote the ascent of Yang Qi.

In addition, acupoints with warming properties are also worth paying attention to:

 CV8 Shenque (Spirit Gate) — Located in the center of the abdomen, this point is key to regulating the body's Yin-Yang balance.

 CV6 Qihai (Sea of Qi) and CV4 Guanyuan (Gate of Origin) — Located on the midline of the lower abdomen, these points help stimulate the body's internal Yang Qi.

 BL23 Shenshu (Kidney Shu) — Located in the lower back, this point regulates kidney function and strengthens the body's Yang Qi.

Strategies for Keeping Warm and Nourishing Yang:

 Get Enough Sleep — Give your body adequate rest to facilitate effective repair.

 Avoid Cold Foods — Cold foods can harm Yang Qi and should be avoided as much as possible.

 Limit Air Conditioning Use — Avoid prolonged exposure to cold air to prevent depletion of the body's Yang Qi.

Additionally, certain foods can help replenish Yang:

 Ginger, Nuts, Chili, Goji Berries, Chives — These foods have warm properties and can help replenish the body's Yang Qi, strengthening its resistance.

Despite the weakness and fatigue caused by Yang Deficiency, taking appropriate measures can help regain vitality and sunlight, embracing a healthier and happier life!


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