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为什么拉筋很重要?Why stretching before and after exercise is important?

人在长期做一种动作后,所用的肌肉就会痉挛、僵硬。比如说长期坐着,腰背部肌肉就会僵硬;保持一种姿势看电脑、手机颈肩部位的肌肉就会僵硬;长跑、爬山或者骑车后,腿部和腰部的肌肉就会痉挛、僵硬。 拉伸不仅限于运动前后避免运动伤害,工作了之后回到家也能做拉伸,消除疲劳~ 拉伸的好处很多,你知道多少

When we maintain a posture for a long time, our muscles will become stiff and rigid, stretching is one of the best way to relieve the pain and also relax our muscle. Stretching before and after exercise is very important, but it doesn't limited to pre- or post-workout only. Stretching also help to relieve tiredness!

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